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We build homes for a comfortable and happy life. So, we have built, As if for ourselves

We – a small team of professionals: architects, designers, builders, projectors and construction crews with a great work experience - more than 30 years. We well know our job and feel one's feet. Some of us are engaged in teaching profession and publish our articles in prominent publications –"Vedomosti", "Lenta.ru", where we share our opinions and wide experience.
We are engaged in construction of dwelling houses and installations: frame, from glued laminated timber, stone and monolithic. We solve unusual problems in the planning, production engineering and service maintenance of the house. We have our own carpenter's workshop and machine-shop where we manufacture wood and finishing material, which then we sell and deliver to our customers. Also we are engaged in interior design and landscape architecture. And yet we are conducting surveillance on an object - you can watch the construction progress online!

We build houses and installations: frame, from glued laminated timber, stone and monolithic

We solve unusual problems in the planning and production engineering

We deal with indoor, interior design and landscape architecture

We have our own carpenter's workshop - we manufacture and sell wood and finishing material.
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The Customer is convenient to contact us for different tasks, simply because we are engaged in a comprehensive customer service.
30 years of experience
Our key specialists have extensive experience in the construction and understanding not only in design but also in construction.
Personal approach
We do not work on templates, each project is individual. You will feel our care.
One's own resources
In our carpenter's workshop and machine-shop different tasks can be implemented for the small architectural forms and materials.
«We guarantee the construction on time and at a fixed price. Our priorities - qualitative, environmentally friendly and fail-safehouse»
Rybachenko, Vladimir Alexeyevich
Chief architect of "Hard Sign" Company, Docent, S.G. Stroganov Moscow State University of Art and Industry

frame house
We are building a frame houseS on a unique and innovative technologIES companY "DOM technonicol": manufacturable, fail-safe, power efficient and environmentally friendly.
Stages of work
Stages of work may vary depending on the client's needs and the need for additional meetings. In any case, prior to building, we discuss every detail, and the whole process of cooperation is becoming absolutely clear and comprehensible for the customer.
We consult in details by phone or face to face
We pick up ready-made solution or develop from scratch; we conclude a detailed agreement
We carry out the complex of building measures and deliver the building project
We use only safe, natural and certified materials, the best in their class. We work with authorized dealers of materials and with proven manufactures.
«We pay great attention to energy efficiency and offer various solutions to reduce the cost of running the home. Energy-efficient house is a healthy microclimate and saving on utility bills."»
Sidorovich, Vladimir Aleksandrovich
Director of the Institute of energy-efficient technologies in construction, Candidate of Economic Science. Expert on energy efficiency in «Hard sign».
We have built more than a dozen individual dwellings, private boarding house on 2,500 square meters, the first in Russia private heated mini soccer field and participated in the reconstruction of the plant on 68,000 square meters. Do you want and we will build a house for you ?
HOUSES «turnkey»
We offer a full range of services from planning to laying of utilities system – we are building a "turnkey" house. We can offer as a ready-made solutions, and make an individual project, taking into account all the details and wishes.
Fixed payment
Payment is made in stages. All the conditions and the amount are negotiated before signing the contract. The estimate is strictly adhered to; we do not require money from you at an additional cost.
Meeting of deadlines
We provide a schedule of works and payment, which we committed to strictly comply. We will build your home exactly at the stipulated time, strictly according to the contract.
Reliability of a structure
On bearing structures we give a guarantee from the manufacturer up to 25 years. On construction works – up to 10 years, on conditions that we buy all the materials and all the works are done by our teams.
Our resources
Carpenter's workshop
The place where we are working with wooden materials, textures and constructions


Art school of the Stroganov School
Here we are able to solve extensive and unusual tasks in the field of construction
Chief architect,

Docent, S.G. Stroganov Moscow State University of Art and Industry

Rybachenko, Vladimir Alexeyevich
Expert on energy efficiency,

Director of the Institute of energy-efficient technologies in construction, Candidate of Economic Science
Sidorovich, Vladimir Aleksandrovich
Account executive
Eugeney Voronko
Sergey Rauzhin
Leading architect
Natalia Bova
Chief designer
Sergey Kirdyasho

Kostomarovskaya Lane, 11/1, office 117, 105120, Moscow, Russia

Phone: +7 495 760-88-20
E-mail: mail@t-znak.com

Office hours: from 09:00 to 20:00. Saturday, Sunday - days off. In agreeing on holding a meeting at any convenient time for you daily until 21:00.

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